Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Weekend in Hong Kong

This post might just help if you are wondering what is best to do in a weekend in Hong Kong. I recently spent a few days in this excellent destination. It really is a cut above the rest compared to most other cities in Asia.  Firstly I recommend you find a hotel with views over the bay. It is an excellent sight day or night, see photo. We were lucky enough to have a room with a massive window in the bedroom, which gave us a great view to start the day from bed.

Hong Kong is pretty posh for Asia. It has some of the highest land prices in the world. Mainly due to it’s small size and the fact that it is a hub for business in China and other parts of the region. This has led to a bustling expat area. We met a local expat in Sheung Wan who runs his own counselling service for other expats in the area. This place is great with loads of excellent restaurants and some cool bars too. Highly recommended for a visit if you want to get off the tourist trail.

We were staying on the other side of the bay but transport was very easy. The buses are excellent but it is easier to stick with taxis for a short weekend visit. From the airport we took the taxi into town, but the public transport including train on the way back. All very organised and efficient.

Shopping is very popular and there are excellent malls on both sides of the water. All the big western stores are located in Hong Kong. Mixed in with these are some more oriental options. We found a few bargains on a side street which sold cheap handbags and watches. The watch probably won’t last long but it was so cheap that it was worth getting even if only worn a few times.

The food is fantastic. I really had the urge to eat in the small local, backstreet style Chinese places. It wasn’t difficult to find suitable options. In one place we ate dim sum, which was awesome. Another place was a noodle cafe which was also great. I highly recommend you take the time to seek out these places to eat.

We also went over to Disneyland on Lantau Island which was a nice way to spend an afternoon. You can stay on this island at a place like Discovery Bay if you have kids with you. Discovery Bay is just 10 minutes away so it would make sense to stay there instead of across the water. Getting around Hong Kong is very easy though.

We also did some sightseeing by walking along the edge of the water and visiting some museums. Great weather and views. We will certainly be returning to Hong Kong whenever we want a weekend away in Asia.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Preparing for a ski holiday with SkiA

If you are planning a trip on the slopes soon, one way to avoid feeling out of touch when you get on the snow is to use a revolutionary new ski training aid from SkiA. The company launched the product earlier this year and it has been a major success. The Sweetspot is aptly named as it helps you discover your skiing sweet-spot.

Basically it is a pair of balancing blocks. You strap them under your boots and then all of a sudden it feels like you are in the Alps, when you are really stood in your lounge. What they do is help you practice balance. You have to keep the sweet-spot at all times, once you are in the correct position then you can practice turns and general movement.

The device is rapidly spreading around the world. It has already been a big hit with BASS in the UK and many instructors are beginning to utilise it. They are telling students to practice with the Sweetspot trainer in between lessons. For anybody going on a ski holiday in the near future, buying the product is highly recommended. You can find it at SkiA's Sweetspot.