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A Day in Castleton

Castleton is situated in Derbyshire in the north of England. From Manchester we drove and the scenic journey took around 40 minutes. Just before entering the village the scenery gets really good as you drive down a hill between two small mountains.

It was a cold day and we didn’t have our walking boots so we walked around the town, stopping in the small shops to browse for jewellery made from the locally minded gem stone.
We found a cash machine in Castleton at the end of a shop which also doubled as a cafe. That was rather handy and allowed us to start thinking about lunch.
We popped in most of the pubs and decided upon the Bulls Head, mainly due to the seat with decent views of the hills and it was next to a smouldering fireplace. Earlier we had visited another pub across the road for a drink which also had a real fire burning.

After a hearty pub lunch with very generous portions, we walked around the village again. This time we came across an attractive little river with some ducks…