Swimming Lessons for the Kids Before a Holiday

We have booked to go away this year at the end of July for two weeks in Spain. We found a good value package deal, made sure all our passports were up to date and got our youngest his first passport (nightmare at Liverpool's passport office- avoid them if you can), we even starting buying bathing suits.

Then we realised that our youngest James, has no idea how to swim. We quickly asked around and looked online. We found a really nice website for kids swimming lessons Trafford, it was coincidentally a service that our neighbour recommended to use too. So we were doubly happy to sign up.

I work with computers so always appreciate when someone has a nice clean website design. It makes me think that they will also provide a good service. We spoke to the head honcho Linda, who was very nice, and she invited us to come and try out her next lesson in Stretford.

It was ideal. A clean pool, not too many getting taught at the same time, a fun atmosphere and it seemed to be very effective, professional coaching. We are confident James will be ready to at least take a dip without us watching him every second. He seems to be picking up the basics very fast, so we will have no worries as long as he is in a show end where he feet can touch the floor.

Anyway this post is just a reminded for anyone else who overlooks this: make sure all your kids are able to swim before you go on holiday. It really would of put a dampener on things if James couldn't go in the water un-aided. Below is a map of the location of our swimming lessons, click it to go to the website.

Young Kids Swimming Lessons in Stretford, Trafford

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